Global Year against Pain in the Joints 2016

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Date(s) - 01/01/2016 - 31/12/2016
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Global Year against Pain in the Joints 2016
2016 is the Global Year against Pain in the Joints.

The first “European Year against Pain” (EYAP) was launched by EFIC in October 2012. The yearly campaign is dedicated to increase public awareness of the challenges of chronic pain. The EYAP campaign will highlight the difficult problems related to neuropathic pain, uniting patient support groups, doctors and researchers to improve the recognition and treatment of these multiple conditions.The campaign will also be backed up by a broad variety of initiatives in the 37 countries covered by EFIC. Click here to download the official press release for the EYAP 2016.

The EFIC Committee on the European Year Against Pain consists of the following members: Bart Morlion, Serge Perrot and Dan Levin (IASP liaison)

EFIC and IASP Fact Sheets

Together with IASP, we have compiled many fact sheets focusing on different kinds of neuropathic pain. Please feel free to download and distribute them among your national chapters. Click here if you want to download ALL Fact Sheets.

Patients and Joint Pain

Assessing Joint Pain Experimentally

Joint Biochemical Markers

Animal Models of Osteoarthritis Pain

Assessing Joint Pain and Function in the Clinic

Exercise, Sports, and Joint Pain

Predispositions and Other Important Factors

Alternative Treatments for Osteoarthritis 

Joint Pain in Pet Dogs and Cats

Inflammatory Pain – Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Joint Pain Epidemiology

Neuropathic Components

Osteoarthritis Pain

Chronic Pain After Joint Surgery

Joint Imaging

Joint Neurophysiology and Pathophysiology

Visualization of Joint Pain

WHO Analgesic Ladder

New Treatment Opportunities

Joint Pain in Children