The PAIN toolkit

The Pain Toolkit App can be downloaded if you have a mobile phone or tablet. And yes, it's so easy to navigate and use!

The Advanced Digital Institute has digitised the internationally recognised highly effective tool, The Pain Toolkit. The Pain Toolkit App, one part of the PainSense Digital Assets, has been re-worked and adapted to today’s digital world. This new app can be downloaded enabling patients to start their own journey of self-management. The app can also be integrated into the NHS or Private Health Care Systems like EMIS and SystmOne.

Current Medical Research & Opinion

CMRO is a MEDLINE-listed journal publishing clinical data to inform medical practice. We have published several articles on pain management, and are always happy to receive pre-submission queries. CMRO is known for quick timelines, rigorous peer-review and responsive editorial service.

Pain Alliance Europe

The Pain Alliance Europe's main mission is to improve the quality of live of people living with chronic pain in Europe.

Access to Controlled Medication Programme

WHO provides technical expertise to the United Nations on the subject of drugs of abuse under the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (1961) and the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances (1971). These two treaties provide the legal basis for the international prevention of drug abuse, together with the United Nations Convention against the Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (1988).

The European Psychiatric Association

The European Psychiatric Association is the largest international association of psychiatrists in Europe, with active members in as many as 66 countries including the international members. Its members include leading experts covering the interests of psychiatrists in academia and in practice.

EPA deals with psychiatry and its related disciplines and it focuses on the improvement of care for the mentally ill as well as on the development of professional excellence.

European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS)

European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS), a leading organisation in Europe for clinicians and researchers working in the field of calcified tissues and related topics. One of the strategic aims of the ECTS is to be more proactive in gaining EU funding for scientific research in the bone field, and to this end we have recently submitted a document to the EU, through the UK Medical Research Council (MRC). The MRC leads the UK delegation on the FP7 Health Programme Management Committee (PMC). The PMC consists of a delegation from each European Member State and one of the Committee’s roles is to input into and approve the final content of the calls published under the FP7 Health Theme.

The call topic that the ECTS has proposed is Understanding and treating bone pain, and we are shortly to update our website with the attached information.

EFNS - European Federation of Neurological Societies

The aim of the EFNS is to advance the development of the neurological sciences in Europe. EFNS is a federation of 44 European national neurological societies. Annual congresses that have an attendance of over 5.000 scientists as well as year-through educational activities focussing in particular Eastern European countries and Sub-Saharan Africa are being organised. The EFNS welcomes individual members from all over the world.

World Congress on Controversies, Debates and Consensus in Bone, Muscle and Joint Diseases (BMJD)

The 2nd World Congress on Controversies, Debates and Consensus in Bone, Muscle and Joint Diseases (BMJD) will take place November 21-24, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium

My child is in Pain

Information for parents whose child has had day case surgery...

This website has been developed by researchers working with parents of children who have had day case surgery and with health care professionals who are experts in pain management. The information is especially useful for parents whose children are aged 2-6 years old.

Lifting The Burden

for the benefit of the public, to relieve the suffering caused by headaches of all kinds to people around the world, in particular but not exclusively by
##measuring and raising awareness of the burdens attributable to headache disorders;
##planning and helping to plan and implement health-care and educational initiatives that will mitigate these burdens wherever in the world they occur;
##and collaborating with the World Health Organization and other organizations.

Lifting The Burden pursues these objects by leading the Global Campaign against Headache.

My child is in Pain

Information for parents whose child has had day case surgery...

Certificate in Pain Management

The aim this online interprofessional graduate-level credit program is to provide advanced education in collaborative pain management for healthcare professionals. This Certificate provides an opportunity for practising clinicians to learn with- from- and about each other to address the multi-dimensional nature of both acute and chronic pain, with an emphasis on complex/chronic pain.

Each course incorporates adult and IPE learning strategies and uses the latest in online learning technologies. Course contributors include leaders in pain research, management, and education from across Canada and beyond and will be of interest to physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, psychologists, social workers and others involved in pain management.